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We are Africa's Premier IT Solutions Provider.

Ventra is on a mission to redefine industry-specific workplace readiness by bridging the gap between the academia and corporate World. Additionally, we provide premier technology solutions to our partners.

The process of transitioning into corporate workforce after graduation can be met with a number of challenges.  Ventra improves how emerging professionals become work-ready by training them on specific technology certifications & business soft skills that are aligned to their career purpose. This is In order to produce empowered & transformed individuals that are competently equipped through our Graduate Acceleration Programme (GAP) . These individuals form a wealthy workforce In our Resource Hub, that our partners can tap into.

Our wealth of experience and expertise as a Technology solutions provider, has gained us trust with our partners. We understand that finding the right solution for your business can be met with great challenge and that different industries need different solutions. Therefore, we authentically & professionally advise and deploy relevant solutions according to your needs and offer consultancy services throughout the usage period.

Ventra does not only provide Graduate programme but also various Corporate training that are essential to the ultimate growth of a company such as Cyber security awareness, IT training, professional sales training, personal branding, vision board coaching.
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Our Culture

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

We acknowledge that technology is a powerful tool that keeps advancing hence we leverage on it to transform lives as we impact the world


“To become world’s premier technology capacity building center and IT solutions provider.


“To impact and advance the technology sector by Identifying, aligning, positioning and connecting empowered professionals to the job market whilst providing effective technology solutions to partners “

Core Values

1) Integrity – Honest and adhere to highest standard of morals and ethical value 2) Excellence – Doing ordinary things extraordinary well. 3) Efficiency – Our future is created by what we do today not tomorrow.


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