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Our Specialization

We specialize in specific areas and work with our clients to deliver on our promise of transforming their business through impactful consultancy services. We have built a team of highly skilled and versatile professionals who embody our ethos of serving our customers with passion and commitment to deliver in the following areas:

  • Integration
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Enterprise Security
We work closely with our clients to understand and map out their landscape of different applications and services that need to talk to each other, or new ones that need to be created to make integration simple so as to achieve organizational benefits. Be it to create a seamless customer experience, create new digital channels, provide more information to internal and external users and so on, we then advise  on a strategy to enable our clients achieve the desired end goal.
Data Science & Analytics

We empower our clients with the solutions and know how to unlock the value of data by providing actionable insights to enable them to make timely business.

Enterprise Security

We help our clients stay ahead of growing and evolving security threats by focusing on people, processes and systems.

We provide access to the specialist skills and knowledge needed for improving security of your company (Managed services) in the following areas:

  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Gateway Security
  • Managed Compliance & SIEM Services
  • Incident Response, Business Continuity & Cyber Forensics


Our teams of security experts carry out gap analyses, design, implement and manage solutions, and co-ordinate reporting, escalation and remediation. They take a ‘total’ and long-term approach, and they get to see the bigger picture of IT security in your organization.