Cyber Security

The role of a cybersecurity professional

Cybersecurity professionals work for organizations to keep computer information systems secure. They analyze security needs, determine who requires access to which information, and help coordinate information security programs.

Competencies required for success as a cybersecurity professional

Creative and Critical thinking


Complex problem solving

Inventive and flexible in a fast-paced environment

Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration

Core skill

Cybersecurity professionals have a passion for securing systems and protecting data and have a keen interest in information technology. Core skills for cybersecurity professionals include proficiency in implementing information security measures and controls; communicating and managing risks; working with tools to monitor network activity to identify vulnerable points; and engaging with colleagues to act on breaches and resolve cyber threats. Cybersecurity professionals have prerequisite knowledge in network administration and system administration.

Information Security

Cyber Attacks

Risk Management

Social Engineering

Open Source Intelligence


Security Strategy

Vulnerability management

Incident Response


Cybersecurity Job Landscape

Career Advancement

A cybersecurity professional could start in one of many types of job roles and advance. Various paths are available and depend on areas of interest and the organization. Job roles can include security operations center (SOC) analyst, incident responder, threat analyst, security consultant, penetration tester, security analyst, and more

Employers of the role

Large, global technology companies, mid-size organizations, and local, small businesses hire cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity crosses all industries. Financial institutions as well as government, education, healthcare, and retail sectors are some of the biggest employers.

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